Eddie's Chicken Soup (Revive).

Here is a chicken soup that will help you when you are sick or when you have a hang over.  But it is great on a rainy or cold day to warm you up, it is delicious any time of the year.

 Ingredients for 5 people:

A.)  6 pieces of garlic diced.  B.)  1  packet of Sason Accent  Coriander/Annatto Seasoning and 2 packets of Sason Accent Original Seasoning.  C.)  2 big white onions or 5 small brown ones.  D.) 2 table spoons of olive oil.  E.) 3 table spoons of Sofrito.  F.) Half a teaspoon of black pepper  G.) 3 packets of Goya's Chicken Bouillon.  H.) 5 cups of water.  I.)  5 chicken legs or chicken thighs. 

Preparing the Ingredients: 

Take 5 chicken legs or thighs and peel off the skin, save the skin for the soup.  Then cut off the meat from the bones, take the bones and cut or break them in two (the bone's bone marrow is part of the soup).  Cut the meat into 2 inch pieces.   The skin and the cut bones are needed in the soup for the taste. 

 The bone marrow, the chicken's skin, the onions and  the garlic have healing properties in them that will help heal the sickly.  The onions and the garlic also helps to cleanse our blood.

Put all the Ingredients mention above together including the broken bones and the skin into a large pot with a cover.  Mix well and then slowly add the Adobo to your taste making sure not to over do it and putting too much in making it salty.  Add the Adobo little by little stirring/mixing and trying it's taste until you find it prefect.

Cooking the Soup.

Put the pot over a medium high flame and bring to a good boil with the cover on.  Stir the stew from time to time for about 1 hour and half at full boil with the cover on the pot. 

Serving the plate.

First take out the skin and the bones out of the soup while it is still hot in the pot with a big cooking spoon, throw away the skin/bones.

Serve the soup in a bowel with a small bowel of white rice on the side for mixing with the soup.  Some people like a little rice in their soup, other like a lot and others prefer soup alone.  By making the rice apart you can please everyone.    If you put  rice in the soup while it is cooking, it has to be eaten right away, or the rice will swell and turn the soup into a gummy mess with in a hour.  Also  if the rice is kept out of the soup, the soup can be saved in the bottom of the refrigerator for the next day.

   For a sickly person, try straining the soup in a strainer and serving it hot in a cup alone as a chicken brew for a quick pick up to aid in healing.   For a hangover, try the soup with a little rice, about a spoon full to a bowel of soup, to help your stomach settle and to help clean out the toxins from your blood. 


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